A Digital Agency That Strives Toward The Goal Of The Gospel Of Christ

Churches all across the world are using industry secrets to beat the competition of the world with their online presence…

Why Do We Want To Work With Churches?

A Covenant Company

Pine Swamp Consulting has the mission to help small businesses compete in an increasingly digital world. Our company is under the umbrella of Covenant Company, LLC and serves its greater purpose to build Christ centered business in order to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. 

We do this across each Covenant Company in various ways. Pine Swamp Consulting, we donate a portion of our income to Christs charitable works; but more tangibly, we want to assist churches at a heavily discounted rate.

We do this in order to help churches compete against the world for peoples attention. We are not struggling against one another on the internet, we are in the good fight against things like pornography! We want to help shift peoples attention away from what is hurting them toward the One (Christ) who can heal their broken souls. 

It's Totally Free!

If your budget is zero and you think you’re going to waste my time, change your mind! 

I want to help your church grow! This strategy session is free to you and you will gain so many insights! 

Let’s grow the Kingdom of God together and spark revival through avenues unavailable to the Apostles. 

Let’s believe for God to move in your favor together!

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Website Development

In the old style of church the lobby was the first impression you left on a visitor, now your website is often times the first impression that you leave on a visitor. Is your website up to par with the excellent standards of Christ? How do you compare with the competition of the world? Check out our happy church websites. 

First Presbyterian Church of Dade City
Redemption Church of Dade City
Becoming Conference - Redemption Church of Dade City
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The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds, compared to a goldfish which has an attention span of 9 seconds. Every business needs to tell stories through video in order to engage their prospects! We have helped churches, non-profits, restaurants, real estate agents, chiropractors, and many more.

How We Can help

There is a lot we can do, broken into a few categories.


We can help by simply being another mind with a different perspective. We can consult from vision and strategy to technology innovation and web presence.


Our team can train your staff and volunteers on how to operate all aspects of production/tech team needs. From sound to social media.

Done For You.

If you want us to build your website, shoot promo videos, and create a strategy for you to have further and deeper reach, then you have come to the right place.

Why Choose Us?

We are local leaders in innovation in the Greater Pasco area with our cutting edge Customer Relation Management Software and digital marketing platform. Our team of local and regional experts are ready to make your church outshine the attention competition of the world.

Have a Project on mind?

If you are looking to grow your church and scale to heights that you've never seen, then it is time to schedule your complimentary strategy session.


We offer turn key solutions including listing management, SEO, social media management, email marketing, and lead tracking. We have at your disposal a full fledged customer relation software. Check out the video to learn more and then schedule a strategy session.

Our Global Team

Highly Motivated & Innovative Team of Experts

Alongside our local team is our family of global contractors across the US and Canada. These experts have worked on businesses of all sizes.

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